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Learning About Business Informatics

The field of business informatics examines and works with the interplays between technology, business, and society. Business informatics refers to the use of information management tools for the processing, storage, management, and analysis of data that relates to business. The term business informatics can include the creation of information related to business as well as the analysis used to understand this information. Business informatics is usually seen as an interdisciplinary field that concentrates on the use of information technology, or IT, for manipulation and processing of data. These information systems and data are used to better understand and plan for a variety of social and economic situations.

Some sources define business informatics as a combination of business administration and computer science. Business informatics is definitely interdisciplinary, and may draw on a number of disciplines. Computer application systems and development and utilization of business software is often a main component of business informatics. Theoretically, the purpose of business informatics is to bridge the gap between information technology and the processes of business.

A number of graduate and undergraduate programs and degree plans in business informatics are offered by universities around the world. Business informatics is seen as an exciting and emerging discipline that will continue to become integral in the field of business. Those who receive a degree in business informatics are qualified to work as a bridge between the builders and users of computer systems and software. A main focus in the study of business informatics is the global reach of the field.

Researching Business Informatics

The following web site links will direct you to a selection of journal articles exploring business informatics, information on upcoming conferences that involve business informatics, and other business informatics resources. This link will provide you with information regarding an upcoming informatics conference in 2007. The conference, to be held at the World Trade and Convention Centre in Halifax , Canada , will detail the future of the field of informatics and provide career building opportunities. This web site gives details about the 10th International Conference on Business Information Systems to be held in Poland in April of 2007. The theme of the conference will be “Semantic integration of data and processes across enterprises and societies.” The journal of International Informatics Institute found at this web site will provide you with information on business informatics in research, education and consulting on technology, business, and society. This article from the IBM Systems Journal explores using innovative methods such as applications and models for addressing the challenges of business. Here you will find a great example of what business informatics can do. The web site provides open source software for universities and faculties, as well as a wide range of articles relating to the field of business informatics. “The Rise of Business Informatics” details how the rise of informatics in the life sciences is becoming more common in all businesses. (PDF) This article explores some of the key differences in programs of study for business informatics versus information systems. The study programs concentrated on are mostly within Europe , which traditionally have offered many information systems courses, but are changing approaches in response to the rapid development of the business informatics field. Science Daily provides a great article about a motion activated simulator that can serve as an example of what students working with software and computing can achieve for informatics fields such as business informatics.

In today’s day and age, knowledge is power. The more one learns about business informatics, the better. For with this knowledge, better decisions can be made and better opportunities afforded.


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